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Adult Hosting - Dedicated

Super Fast Speeds


HostMeNow's adult website hosting plans are all equipped with premium equipment for optimal performance. Dedicated processing power, fast RAM and SSD storage.


We also maintain a premium 1Gbps Uplink.


Our adult hosting can be sure to run smoothly, whether you're operating a live streaming website or just hosting content videos. Your content will be lighting fast.


Get the reliability and power your adult content needs with our premium packages.

Offshore & Private



Our offshore data center resides in the Netherlands, providing a secure environment for your adult websites and data.


Our facility incorporates physical and digital defences to safeguard information. Data encryption prevents unauthorized access, firewalls block malicious actors, and backup systems ensure availability. By designing multiple barriers, we aim to cover all bases when securing your data.


Manage the privacy and security of your valuable information. Consider an offshore adult hosting provider committed to data protection and infrastructure security.





Are there any content restrictions for adult web hosting?


At HostMeNow, we are strict with our rules and only allow 18+ legal adult content. Our hosting plans are designed to host adult websites with legal content and consent, ensuring a reliable hosting solution for your adult site.


Adult hosting vs regular hosting?


Understanding the differences between adult hosting and regular hosting is crucial. Regular hosting providers often impose strict content restrictions, making them unsuitable for adult websites.


Regular Hosting Limitations


Most regular hosting providers have terms of service that explicitly prohibit the hosting of adult content. This includes explicit images, videos, or any material deemed mature in nature. Attempting to host adult content on a regular hosting plan can lead to account suspension, termination of service and even loss of data.


Adult Hosting Solutions at HostMeNow


Our adult hosting solutions are specifically designed to accommodate the diverse needs of the adult industry. Unlike regular hosting providers, we embrace adult content and provide a secure environment for hosting explicit legal material.


Where is adult hosting hosted?


HostMeNow, as a leading adult web hosting provider, hosts your adult content on secure servers located strategically in the Netherlands, benefiting from the country's friendly legal laws on adult content. This ensures optimal performance, robust security measures, and strict compliance with regulations governing the hosting of mature content.


Can I stream adult content on your hosting plans?


Absolutely! At HostMeNow, we understand the importance of bandwidth and server capabilities for hosting adult content, including streaming services for adult videos. Our fully managed hosting plans, including VPS hosting, dedicated servers and shared hosting plans, provide the necessary resources to support seamless streaming.


How do you handle adult content complaints?


As a responsible adult hosting provider, HostMeNow takes complaints seriously. Our team is available to address any complaints related to adult content hosted on our servers. Customers will be notified if any complaints come through. Failure to respond will lead to hosting suspension.


What types of adult content are allowed?


HostMeNow allows all legal 18+ adult content on our hosting plans, making us a top choice for adult content hosting. Whether you're using WordPress hosting, server hosting, or shared hosting plans, our wide range of hosting options ensures that we have everything you may need.


What payment methods are accepted?


Choosing an adult hosting provider that offers flexible payment options is important. At HostMeNow, we understand the need for discreet billing in the adult industry.


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