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Key Benefits


Secure Cloud Collaboration: Access documents, files, emails seamlessly from anywhere while leveraging real-time co-editing tools. 30GB+ of secure cloud storage per user makes working across devices completely seamless.


  • Access docs, files, emails seamlessly from anywhere
  • 30GB+ secure cloud storage per user
  • Video meet with clients, teams without limits
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime.

Flexible subscriptions





Benefits & Features of using Google Workspace:


Google Workspace boosts productivity with popular web apps for email, docs, storage, video meetings and more. Get peace of mind collaborating in real-time while leveraging AI capabilities.


30GB+ secure Google Drive cloud storage per user, unlimited Google Meet video meetings, and 99.9% guaranteed uptime allow teams to work efficiently anytime, anywhere, on any desktop or mobile device.


Can I use my own domain with Google Workspace?


Yes, you can integrate your own custom email domain name with all Google Workspace subscription plans. This presents a professional brand by using email addresses like [email protected].


Can I have multiple email addresses?


Google Workspace enables the creation of up to 30 email aliases linked to one user account. Use additional addresses to organize communication or separate internal information from external outreach.


With the ability to create group email addresses, Google Workspace facilitates communication across teams, departments, initiatives and more. For example, info@, sales@, support@.


How to access Google Workspace?


Being a cloud-based solution, Google Workspace is accessible from any web browser on desktop or mobile devices. For the best experience, use the latest Google Chrome browser across Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Calendar and more.


In particular, the Google Workspace mobile apps for iOS and Android enable productivity on the go with full access to email, storage, documents, spreadsheets, slides and more. Switch seamlessly between devices to continue working anywhere.


Can I use Google Workspace offline?


While Google Workspace works over the web, some key productivity apps like Gmail, Google Docs and Google Drive offer limited offline access. On Chrome, enable offline functionality to continue working on flights or unreliable connections. Changes sync once back online.


Is there a free Google Workspace?


No, all Google Workspace plans are paid subscriptions. However, an affordable Google Workspace Business Starter plan is available starting at just $6 per user/month with annual commitment.


While Google does not offer Workspace for free, they provide a generous 14-day free trial to test it out. This allows evaluating if the boosted productivity is worth the monthly investment before committing.


Is it worth paying for Google Workspace?


For professional business needs, Google Workspace adds tremendous value over free apps with unlimited Google Meet video conferencing, GDrive cloud storage and cross-collaboration on Google Docs. It's guaranteed to improve productivity and collaboration.


Specifically, the ability for the entire team to work together on documents and access the latest versions from anywhere results in better aligned projects completed faster. The seamless integrations between apps multiplies efficiencies.


Is there a free alternative to Google Workspace?


You can always use a regular Gmail account for free, but you won't get the full suite of productivity and collaboration apps tailored for business that Google Workspace (formerly G Suite).


While Microsoft 365 is the top alternative to Google Workspace, the free version only includes Outlook email and online versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. There is limited cloud storage and no video conferencing.


How much storage do I get with Google Workspace?


All Google Workspace plans include a minimum of 30GB of cloud storage per user. Upgrades like Google Workspace Business Plus provide 2TB per user. Storage is shared seamlessly across Gmail, Drive and Photos to access files anywhere easily.


With team drives in Google Workspace, storage can also be pooled across the organization so limits apply to total usage rather than individual accounts. This enables flexibility in allocating capacity.


How do I downgrade my Google Workspace subscription?


If business needs change, account administrators can downgrade Google Workspace plans easily through the admin console. Switch to a lower tier seamlessly without impacting end users. Data and workflows stay intact as subscriptions flex to match needs.


Will I lose my domain if I cancel Google Workspace?


No, your domain ownership and registration are completely separate from a Google Workspace subscription. If you cancel Workspace, email and app access terminates but your custom domain remains yours to use elsewhere.


What happens if I don't pay for Google Workspace?


If payment lapses on a paid Google Workspace account, a grace period is granted to resume payment. After that, users lose access to Workspace services and data.


While new sign-ups can't occur during suspended payment, Google does allow users to export email, contacts, calendar, and Google Drive contents before the account is closed. However, reactivating the same account is cheaper than starting over.



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