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Super Fast Speeds


Our offshore server plans run on high end dedicated servers that come with top dedicated resources such as CPU, RAM, and SSD storage to ensure that your server runs smoothly and efficiently.


Servers are also on a high end uplink, meaning smooth connectivity all the time!

Secure Location


Our data center is situated in the, Netherlands, In a secure location.


We provide advanced physical and digital safeguards to ensure the utmost protection for your valuable information.






What Is offshore hosting?


Offshore hosting is any hosting service that operates outside one's own country/legal jurisdiction.

Typically users would purchase such a service if they seek freedom of privacy or censorship.



How do I pay for servers?


Our offshore RDP services both accept payment via credit card, PayPal, Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies.



Are offshore servers legal?


Yes, offshore virtual private servers are legal. They are servers like any other but located in a convenient freedom country.



What is offshore RDP?


Offshore RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) allows users to remotely access a Windows server in a country, offering greater privacy and legal protection than their current one. An example use-case for this would be hosting websites or running bots. Although if running any bots, we highly recommend using socks5 proxies.



Which countries are best for offshore hosting?


Typically Eastern European countries outside political reach are preferred due to their cheap nature and favourable legal environment. Alternatively, privacy-focused countries such as Switzerland or the Netherlands are also a good choice, with their excellent infrastructure and advanced security measures.


How do I choose the right offshore RDP plan for me?


Choosing the right offshore RDP plan depends on your specific hosting needs. Consider the amount of storage, RAM, and CPU you will need. If you plan to run something important, we always recommend our higher plans to ensure the server and software run on optimal performance.



Can I transfer my website or application to an offshore RDP?


Once you purchase a server with us, you can connect to the server via SSH or FTP and transfer your files. If it's a remote desktop, connect via an RDP (remote desktop connection) and copy and paste. If you need any help, our support is here to help!



What is the difference between shared hosting and offshore RDP?


Shared hosting involves hosting multiple websites on the same server with limited resources and control, while offshore RDP provides users with their own isolated environment and dedicated resources, allowing for more flexibility and customization. With shared hosting, your website is potentially at risk due to other websites on the same server, while offshore RDP provides better security and privacy with a dedicated IP address.


Overall, offshore RDP is a better option for those who require more control, resources, and security for their hosting needs.


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