Cheap Offshore VPS Pricing

Super Fast Speeds


We equip our offshore VPS plans with premium hardware for optimal performance. High-end dedicated servers provide abundant CPU power, RAM, and fast SSD storage.


Your sites and applications operate smoothly, with plenty of resources to handle traffic spikes. Page load times are lightning fast for a superb user experience.


Get the power and reliability your projects demand at affordable rates.


Your Data, Protected Overseas


We situated our offshore data center in the Netherlands for optimal security. This favorable jurisdiction shields your sites and information with strong privacy laws.


Our facility features robust physical barriers and advanced digital defenses like encryption, firewalls, and backup systems. We take every precaution to safeguard your valuable data.


Take control of your data privacy and security.





What is Offshore VPS Hosting, and who uses it?


Virtual private servers located outside of your home country are known as offshore VPS hosting options. These offshore vps services allow individuals and organizations to host their websites, applications, databases, and other data on an overseas web server in a different legal jurisdiction from where they reside. Offshore hosting provides enhanced privacy, security, and freedom from restrictions.


By choosing an overseas server location, users gain significant protections from government surveillance programs, censorship, and intrusive data collection policies. Their activities, sites, and information are shielded by another region's more favorable laws. Offshore VPS appeals to those seeking anonymity and confidentiality.


Criteria For Selecting an Offshore VPS Provider


When researching offshore hosting providers, the location and security measures are critical factors. The ideal jurisdiction will have strong legal privacy protections and regulations securing your rights. Robust security like DDoS protection, firewalls, daily backups with full server snapshots, and encryption protocols defend against unauthorized access.


Speed and uptime are also important for performance. Look for hosting companies with servers in areas with fast internet speeds and bandwidth as well as redundancy to prevent downtime. Customer service and technical support should also be available.


Is Offshore VPS legal?


Using an offshore VPS is entirely legal in most jurisdictions. The key determining factor is the laws and regulations in the country where the server itself is located. Many offshore hosting providers choose overseas locations with relaxed laws concerning privacy and data protection.


However, legality depends on specific country laws and intended usage. While increased privacy and anonymity is legal, criminal activities may still be prohibited. Customers should research regulations for their home country and planned activities.


Where are your servers based?


We located our servers in the Netherlands, which is respected for strong data protection laws. Fast internet speeds and proximity to Europe provide excellent connectivity.


Strict Dutch regulations safeguard privacy rights and information security. This favorable legal environment allows customers to operate freely and shield their data. With enhanced privacy, offshore VPS hosting lets you avoid surveillance while legally hosting websites and applications in a secure jurisdiction.


Affordable Offshore VPS Plans


We offer cheap offshore VPS hosting plans starting at just $7/month. Our VPS hosting plans scale up based on processing power, RAM, storage, and bandwidth. We accept Bitcoin and major credit cards. Try our Windows or Linux VPS hosting solutions risk-free with our 30 day money back guarantee.


Benefits of Offshore VPS Hosting


Offshore vps offers many advantages:


  • Enhanced privacy and anonymity
  • Avoid government surveillance and censorship
  • More control and flexibility with virtual private servers
  • Customizable server resources and options
  • DMCA ignored hosting
  • Ability to scale resources as needed
  • Host websites securely in a favorable jurisdiction


If you are looking for an offshore VPS hosting provider with excellent service, security, and affordable rates, we have the offshore hosting solutions to meet your needs.



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