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Singapore VPS Pricing - Windows/Linux

Performance Meets Scalability


Effortlessly scale your VPS plan, as your business evolves and your requirements change, our Singapore VPS hosting provides the flexibility to scale your resources on-demand.


Easily upgrade or downgrade your VPS plan to align with your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and cost-efficiency at every stage of your journey.


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What are the benefits of a VPS in Singapore?


A Singapore VPS allows you to have a virtual private server hosted in one of the world's top data centers in Singapore. Thanks to the strategic Asia Pacific location, you will have fast speeds and low latency.


Some key benefits include full root access, the ability to deploy any software, dedicated resources so you don't share server resources like with shared hosting, and flexibility to scale server resources up or down. A Singapore VPS is perfect for hosting websites, web apps, game servers, and more


How can I get a cheap Singapore VPS?


As a top VPS hosting provider in Singapore, HostMeNow offers very competitively priced VPS hosting packages and plans to give you the best possible price, making it the best VPS choice. Our cheap pricing is achieved by our partnership with major data centers in Singapore and by specializing in VPS hosting services, showcasing us as a top VPS provider.


We have various VPS plans to match your server needs and budget, ensuring you get the best VPS for your requirements. All our Singapore VPS plans include SSD storage, ample RAM and bandwidth, your choice of Linux or Windows OS, and free migration assistance.


Which operating systems are supported?


Our Singapore VPS hosting allows you to use Linux operating systems like Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS or Microsoft Windows Server. This lets you choose the OS that best fits your virtual server environment and hosting needs. We offer easy OS reinstallation on your VPS server and provide guidance on getting your preferred OS up and running, ensuring maximum uptime for your services.


What type of control panels do you offer?


To help you easily manage your Singapore VPS, we provide popular control panels like cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, Webmin and more. This gives you an intuitive interface to handle domains, emails, databases, files, etc., enhancing your overall SSD VPS management experience. If you prefer to configure your VPS manually, you also get full root access. Our team can guide you on choosing and using the best web hosting control panel for your VPS hosting needs.


Will I have root access to my VPS server?


Yes, you get full root access and complete control of your Singapore VPS server hosted with us, just like a dedicated server. We do not restrict or limit any services or permissions, providing the best VPS management experience. This allows you to customize and tune the virtual server environment per your specific needs and deploy any software as needed. Our admins are available via live chat or support tickets if you need assistance.


Is a Singapore VPS faster than a regular VPS?


Yes, a Singapore VPS is much faster, especially for customers in Asia. Being strategically located in Asia Pacific, a Singapore VPS will have very high speeds and connectivity within the region due to its proximity to most Asian countries. The low latency provides a much faster experience for Asian website visitors.


Our SSD-powered VPS hosting plans ensure your websites load extremely fast for your Asian customers.


Can I host multiple websites on a Singapore VPS?


Certainly, our VPS hosting plans have ample resources to host multiple websites and applications comfortably. The independent resource allocation ensures one website's traffic does not negatively impact another.


Plus, you can easily add domains and create databases, email accounts, etc., for each website via the control panel. Our Singapore VPS allows great performance even when hosting multiple sites, making it a great hosting solution.



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