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Storage VPS Pricing

Flexible Scalability


Massive Storage Volumes Our storage VPS plans provide up to 8 TB of highly scalable disk space on fast SSDs or economical HDD's to suit large capacity needs.


Built-in Data Protection We back up your server daily and utilize RAID-10 disk mirroring for redundancy. Your data stays protected and recoverable.


Flexibly scale your VPS resources up or down.


Top Data Center Infrastructure





What is a Storage VPS Server?


A storage VPS (virtual private server) is a cloud-hosted server optimized for storage space rather than computing power. Storage VPS plans have a large TB hard drive capacity to store and serve high volumes of files, images, videos, databases, and other data.


Our storage VPS solutions allow you to scale up to massive storage volumes in terabytes for high-demand data and file storage needs. Customers can choose from large HDD plans to meet their requirements and budget.


Can I upgrade my server specs?


Yes, our storage VPS plans allow you to upgrade or downgrade your storage capacity as needed to scale with your application demands. Send us a request via the control panel, and we will do the rest.


Cloud VPS vs storage VPS


A regular cloud VPS is configured to run applications and websites with balanced computing power and low storage. A storage VPS prioritizes storage capacity for hosting large volumes of files and data.


Our storage VPS configurations provide specialized servers optimized specifically for mass data storage; all plans include 1 IPv4 and one IPv6 address.


Use cases for a storage VPS?


Common uses for storage VPS servers include file hosting, image/video libraries, backups, log data, ecommerce product catalogs, and database storage. The high storage capacity handles hundreds of gigabytes or terabytes of data.


Companies often leverage storage VPS plans to back up important data and crucial files. The large storage space allows organizations to perform routine backups of their systems, applications and data repositories for disaster recovery.


Do you offer backups with this service?


Yes, automated daily backups are included by default with all HostMeNow storage VPS plans. Backups provide an extra layer of protection and disaster recovery for your important data. You can easily restore files or your entire VPS from any backup.


Our backup system takes nightly snapshots of your storage VPS volume, four backups total. These are stored in a separate location from your server and are included in your total price. You can schedule additional backups or take a snapshot of your VPS manually at any time.


Where are your servers located?


We utilize Tier III+ data centers located in Germany. Our facilities feature robust power, cooling, and network redundancy to ensure maximum uptime.


In addition to premium data centers, our storage VPS hosting infrastructure incorporates only enterprise-grade server hardware, networking equipment, DDoS protection and SSD/HDD storage arrays for optimal performance.


What operating systems are available for data storage VPS servers?


You can select Linux or Windows when ordering a high storage VPS, with a choice of Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Fedora and more operating systems. The OS can be reinstalled or changed anytime by customers if needed.


We offer a large range of Linux and Windows operating systems so you can match the underlying OS to your application stack and intended use case.



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