Choose your domain name

Pick something short, memorable, and relevant to your brand. Common extensions are .com, .net, .org. You can also use less common ones like .site or .store.

Check availability

Search registrar sites to see if your domain is available. Try variations if taken.


Register the domain

Follow domain registrar’s instructions to register available domain. Can register for 1-10 years.


Set up DNS records

To point your domain to a web host:

  • Get nameservers from your web host account information email and set them at your register

To point your domain to a VPS server:

  • Log into your VPS and get the server IP address.
  • Create an A record pointing your domain to the VPS IP address.

Renew and maintain domain

Renew registration annually to avoid expiration. Update nameservers or A records if you switch hosts.

You're ready to go!

With your domain registered and pointed, you can now focus on building your website.

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