Your domain name extension, or top-level domain (TLD), leaves an instant first impression on visitors. How do you select the right one?


Know the domain extension basics

The most common TLDs include:

  • .com - Commercial businesses
  • .net - Technology and internet-based sites
  • .org - Non-profit organizations and causes

Match your branding

If your business name includes ".com", stick with a .com domain. Otherwise, choose a TLD fitting your brand personality.


Consider your audience

Extensions like .shop and .store appeal to ecommerce sites, while .blog and .site attract informational sites. Pick one suiting your ideal audience.


Explore new niche options

Newer domain extensions target specific demographics:

  •   .eco - Environmental sites
  •   .tech - Tech startups and products
  •   .guru - Consultants and coaches

Conduct availability searches

Run searches on registrar sites to check if your preferred TLDs have availability for the names you want. Get creative if your first choice is taken.


Compare relevance

Select the TLD most closely aligned with your brand identity and business model. Relevant extensions boost credibility.


Factor in SEO

While search engines now index new TLDs, .com, .net and .org still have slight visibility advantages.


Secure multiple variations

Register close domain name variations across different TLDs for future brand expansion.


Choosing the perfect domain extension tailored to your business makes an instant positive impression on visitors.


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