To keep your website online, you must renew your domain name registration periodically. Follow these best practices for seamless domain renewals:


Check expiration dates

Log into your domain account to see when your domains are set to expire. Mark renewal deadlines on your calendar so they don't sneak up on you.

Renew early

Renew your domains at least 1-2 weeks before expiration to avoid any lapse in registration. Waiting until the last minute risks downtime.


Consider multi-year renewals

Signing up for 2-10 years of domain renewal at once can save you money compared to paying yearly. Just be sure your business plans are stable.


Automate renewals

Check if your registrar offers auto-renewal to charge your card and renew domains automatically annually. This prevents any unintentional lapses.


Update contact information

When renewing, double check that the contact info in your domain account is current to ensure you receive reminders.


Point domains to proper DNS

Upon renewal, make sure your domains are pointed to the correct nameservers or IP addresses to avoid any domain mapping issues.


Leverage coupons and sales

Registrars often discount domain renewals around major holidays. Search for coupons or wait for sales to save on renewal costs.


Staying on top of domain renewals is crucial for avoiding costly business disruptions or losing your domain name completely.

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