Transferring your domain to a new registrar is a simple process that can often be completed in just a few days. Follow these key steps:


Check transfer eligibility

Make sure your domain is eligible for transfer by verifying:

  • It was registered at least 60 days ago
  • Your account at the current registrar is fully paid up
  • The domain does not have transfer lock enabled

Unlock the domain

Log into your account at the current registrar and disable any transfer lock or theft protection settings temporarily. This unlocks it for transfer.


Request authorization code

At current registrar, retrieve the authorization or EPP code needed for transferring domains. This proves you have the rights.


Initiate transfer

Log into your account at the new registrar and search for your domain name. Start the transfer process and enter the authorization code when prompted.


Approve and process

The new registrar will send a transfer confirmation email. Click the link within 5 days to approve and complete the transfer.


Update DNS

Once transferred, update the domain's nameservers and DNS records at the new registrar to redirect to your hosting.


Renew regularly

Going forward, renew your domain through the new registrar. Mark your calendar so you never miss a renewal deadline.


With these simple steps, you can seamlessly transfer domain registration and continue uninterrupted website operation.

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