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10 Tips for Gaining Upvotes on Reddit

Reddit is one of the internet’s most popular social networks to this day. It is also an excellent way for companies to promote their products/brand. Or for regular users to share thoughts, ideas, or opinions with a mass audience. 

If you want to make an impression on the Reddit community, then you need to convince them that you are first credible. As everyone knows, Reddit hates obvious marketing or low-quality posts. 

So, what can be done about this? 

Well, if you have low karma and start posting, then nobody is going to pay attention to you.  

There are various different ways to get karma: 

  1. Post Karma – You will be granted “post” karma by posting an external link or making a text-only post, and then getting upvotes.
  2. Comment Karma – To post a comment on an existing post and obtaining upvotes.

The more karma you have, the better your post stands out so that it isn’t regarded as a worthless post (Or internet slang. *shitpost*)

Once you have successfully done all above, to get upvotes you need to:

  • Engage with people who comment on your posts

If you establish a discussion, you are likely to get upvotes based on your responses.

  • Visit large relevant subreddits to post on.

This boosts the chance of engagement. 

  • Do not promote too much of your business on your first few Reddit posts.

Or mods will delete your post because of low-quality posting, its best for your first posts to be relevant, engaging and interesting in your chosen subreddits. 

  • Write a post full of emotions. 

It is better for you to compose something full of feelings that is well-written for better chances of up-votes, instead of a brief and straightforward submission.

  • Encourage Discussions

This will make commenters engage with one another and more likely to upvote the post. 

  • Use Inventive Titles when posting.

Think carefully about your title to grab the reader’s attention, humour and tone are essential when setting the tone of your post. 

  • Promote your post on other platforms

This will gain further traction, and more likes on your post as Reddit users are likely to promote posts that already have a substantial number of likes.

  • Support other submissions

So that when other users submit on the same Reddit community, they are more likely to return the favour and upvote you.

  • Keep your Reddit account pure and friendly.

As your Reddit users will view your post history, and if you do something wrong, then all hell breaks loose. 

  1. Get friends to back your posts.

It’s as simple as that and will boost your post ranking. 


Most importantly have fun and enjoy the platform!

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