5 Best Web Hosts That Accepts PayPal in 2023 (No Extra Fees)

Choosing web hosts that accept PayPal is easy. However, you won’t be able to live with poor hosting performance…

This is why I have compiled a list of top-performing web hosting providers who accept PayPal payments at no additional cost. With PayPal keep your credit card information private or take advantage of PayPal’s 180-day Buyer Protection.

How Does PayPal Work?

Although PayPal is not a financial institution or bank, it can perform the same functions as a bank but with the added benefit of fast money transfers. You can transfer money to anyone or any organisation in a matter of minutes with your very own PayPal account.

Avoid paying interest or fees by using PayPal as a payment method. Additionally, you don’t need to share any information with anyone except the email address associated with your PayPal in order to send and receive payments. This is why having a PayPal-friendly web host is critical.

Is PayPal safe to use?

Yes, PayPal is one of the safest ways to transact on the internet. PayPal deals with some of the biggest and most reputable companies in the world, so there’s no need to worry about security risks. For example, if you’re using PayPal for online transactions via eBay or from your e-commerce store hosted by a web host that can accept PayPal, then you don’t have anything to worry about. PayPal also includes Purchase Protection which covers you in case of any problems with your purchase. Giving you a safety net on your web hosting purchases.

There are lots of listings on Google that tells you which hosts have the best uptime, customer service and popularity. However, if you need a place to start your search for reliable web hosts, I’ve done a bit of research and found the 5 top hosts who accept PayPal:

1. HostMeNow

HostMeNow LTD is an unlimited web hosting company.

We provide unlimited storage plans with super-fast load speeds! And offer services all over the world to large, medium and small businesses. (With additional services e.g. Cloud hosting, domain names, SSL certificates).

We aim to cater an easy to use web hosting service so that you don’t have to hassle around. With our low prices and excellent support, you save money and time!


  •  Fast SSD Storage/Litespeed platform!
  •  Unlimited Bandwidth/Unlimited Web Storage
  • Free Website Builder
  • VPS Hosting
  •  Chat support
  •  99.9% Uptime
  •  Free Migration

…Plus WordPress hosting & automatic script installations!


  •  We have none 😉

To ensure optimal uptime and efficiency, all of our infrastructures are carefully selected for top performance. Giving you an easy-going and excellent experience.



Our web hosting company has cheap pricing superb support and fast website speeds. Yes, we do accept Paypal payment as well as many other options. We are a great provider with a lot of features. So we highly recommend you to try us out!

2. YouStable

YouStable was launched in 2015 It is a Lucknow-based company that will soon be an It Hub.

YouStable is India’s fastest growing Best Cheap web hosting company due to its exceptional speed, stability, and amazing security features.

It offers a unique type of hosting that is not offered by any other Indian web host.


  •  Latest Hardware
  •  Chat support
  •  Many freebies
  • Free Domain
  •  LiteSpeed Web servers
  •  99.9% Uptime
  •  Free Migration


  •  Call support only for Indian User


It’s not difficult to locate web hosting companies that take PayPal, but whether the host you pick is any good is a different story. Although we have not tried YouStable, it has been recommended as a good choice for Indian users, plus, you get a free domain for a year.

3. InterServer

InterServer is a Standard Hosting provider, Even if you don’t have any previous experience, the plan provides everything you need to start your website.

A website builder is included, as well as a one-click WordPress installer and over 400 scripts. Automated WordPress updates are also available.


  •  100% Uptime guarantee
  •  Good value for money
  •  Money-back and price lock guarantees
  •  Great VPS service
  •  Customer support


  •  Limited services


Web hosting is generally good value for money here, you don’t get a free domain but you do get a LightSpeed web server, so your website load speeds will be fast. There are several cloud hosting storage options, such as storage servers, tailored VPS plans for WordPress hosting and regular VPS hosting.

4. Hostgator

HostGator (Endurance Interactive Group) is the largest web hosting company. Its primary goal is to offer hosting for blogs and small-medium businesses websites.

These servers offer unlimited disk space and bandwidths, but you can’t use more than 25% of their resources for 90 seconds at a time.

They offer cloud-based shared hosting plans that are affordable as well as dedicated hosting/dedicated servers. They use their own Integrated Caching technology and Failover technology to offer the best performance possible over cloud servers.


  •   Newbies friendly
  •   Good server performance
  •   Good and affordable cloud hosting solution
  •    Free Domain name for 1st Year
  •   Cheap Renewal Price


  •   Data centers/Server location in the United States only


You can use any of their web hosting plans to host your blog, and you’ll get access to a number of features including third-party office email hosting with a 1-year free trial and a free SSL certificate on the higher tiers. The yearly plans do include a complimentary free domain. Cloud hosting, on the other hand, is more expensive than other various web hosting companies.

5. BlueHost

BlueHost, another web hosting company that falls under Endurance International Group (EIG), focuses on small businesses and individuals.

They are easy to use because they have a vast knowledge base, including video tutorials, and live support that can offer immediate assistance. CPU Throttling was recently introduced.

While it is initially useful in filtering spam and harmful traffic, it can sometimes be detrimental if your website receives traffic spikes from trusted websites.


  •    Excellent server performance 99.95%
  •    Fast Page Loading Speed
  •    Packed with Security Options
  •    30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  •    Free Domain name for 1st Year
  •    24/7 Customer Support


  •  Higher Renewal Rates


BlueHost, like the other supporting PayPal web hosting companies, is excellent. Reasonable price. You get office 365 for one year, a free domain and an SSL certificate. Although anyone can always obtain a free SSL certificate with “LetsEncrypt” from SSlForFree.com instead. Just generate an SSL and paste it into your chosen hosting provider.

Why choose to pay with PayPal?

PayPal offers quicker and more efficient online transactions. It’s also trusted by many people who want to make a purchase.

PayPal offers a 180-day Buyer Protection that covers any purchase made from fraudulent delivery. This method gives you the peace of mind that someone is looking out for your best interests. This is why it’s always important to look for web hosts that accept PayPal because it’s just safer against fraud.

Security is another reason to use it. Plus for the Paypal payment method, you can pay someone using their email address or mobile number.

How do you make a PayPal payment?

PayPal is an international money transfer system that makes it possible for you to send and receive payments worldwide. All you need is to login into your account and attach a credit or bank account, and that’s it. Then later just choose from the best web hosts/hosting service, select a hosting package you like, add it to your cart and press “Pay”. That’s it. Every time you make a Paypal payment it’s as simple as pressing a button.

How to choose the right web hosting?

Knowing how to analyse various web hosting companies can be hard. The ideal approach to pick the correct web hosting company is to first try them out. Pick a company that appears trustworthy and sign up for a trial. You won’t know if the host is appropriate for you without taking the chance of signing up and trying them out. That’s why we at HostMeNow provide all new users with a free monthly trial no payment method needed. Just use the coupon code “Safe” and that’s it.


What about security?

Keeping your data safe should be the top priority of any best web hosting companies, as this is what makes a reliable web hosting business. You should always read the terms of service or security page on the hosting services you look at. Do your own research, look at reviews and you should be fine.

The greatest web hosts also provide the advantage of being able to purchase an SSL certificate, which encrypts data transmission to and from the server. Users traffic information on your website is encrypted as a result of this. Hackers can’t perform a man-in-the-middle attack and steal personal information while you’re surfing online.

Certainly at HostMeNow, we too provide very cheap SSL certificates that you can buy as well as use the best hardware and software to ensure that your data is as safe as possible. Our servers are equipped with RAID-10 storage for better performance and fault tolerance. Additionally, we run a three-layered security model – including firewalls – to keep hackers out of your site. We also perform regular backups of all our users.


Taken together, we can conclude that PayPal is a great option for people who don’t have a credit card but still want to purchase web hosting through other options.

The greatest advantage of using PayPal to pay for web hosting is that it provides greater protection for each transaction. If something goes wrong with your order, PayPal will refund your money. PayPal also makes it much simpler to create an account. To send and receive payments, it’s very easy to add your bank account details.

Our recommended web hosting choice is us, HostMeNow. We offer a wide range of hosting options for all sorts of users, as well as inexpensive plans with 100% uptime and SSD storage. It’s also LiteSpeed, so your sites will load quickly. And, if for any reason you don’t like the service or there is a problem with billing (customer error), HostMeNow’s web hosting offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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