Are you tired of trying to figure out how to set up SMTP relay with Sendmail? We've got you covered! Here's a quick and simple guide on how to get your machine running smoothly.

Step 1. Open your SSH Terminal

First, you need to be logged in via SSH before you can start the process of setting up SMTP relay on Sendmail.

Step 2. Set Sendmail as the default SMTP service

You'll need to configure Sendmail as the default Submission (SMTP) service. To do this, open your terminal and type in

'sudo sendmailconfig'

You should see a series of dialogue boxes guiding you through the configuration process - just make sure all the settings are correct for your machines' hardware and software.

Step 3. Hook up your SMTP with SendMail

Next, it’s time to hook up your SMTP mail server with Sendmail. This is done by creating a couple of files:

Containing the details of the mail server that will be used to send mail which will specify when messages should be sent using this route. Once these files are created, you can use

'sudo sendmail -O OutboundRelay=1 –bp -q'

command to start sending emails through SMTP relay with Sendmail.

Once that’s taken care of, run

‘sendmail -bd’

This starts the daemon, ensuring it stays running in the background. From there on out, any email sent through your machine should be routed via Sendmail’s SMTP relay service!

Now wasn't that easier than you thought? Don't forget to check periodically that everything is working correctly and no disgruntled users are getting unfairly spammed!

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